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More Playlists

Post by Mr JM on Thu Apr 08, 2010 8:50 am

I think they need a lot more different playlists and I'm going to list some suggestions I think might be "cool," as well as additions to current playlists.

1. Small team deathmatch - I used to go into team tact just for the purpose of not wanting to fight huge amount of enemies at once.
2. 3rd person deathmatch - I like third person but I don't like bomb planting games or domination.
3. Xbox live party chat on all playlists - hate being limitated to certain game types while in a party.
4. No perk deathmatch - As it says, no perk would be used in this playlist. I believe this would help against knife classes, danger close classes, and scavenger/one man army with rifle grenades.
5. No game type with more than 4 people per team on maps like rust - spawn killing anyone? This would be ok on maps like shipment where you can't be invincable on top of the map firing explosives with tact insert.
6. Big team deathmatch - ground war but with only deathmatch and not on small maps, whos idea was it to make big games on small maps anyway?
7. Normal team tact - It was fun in cod4. In 3rd person people can look around walls with a rifle grenade and easily guard positions so team tact and other games similar should be first person (in deathmatch you don't have to go to the person who is camping, you can wait for them to move first or flank them if your allies keep going there).
8. Team deathmatch map pack - if you go to stimulis playlist you won't get death match and when playing normal deathmatch you won't always get stimulis, so why can't they do what "World at War" did?
9. Attacker/Deffender playlist - Not talking about bomb planting, more like domination but one team controls all three flags and the other team would need to take them all before time ran up. The flags would be placed on one side of the map so the attacking team couldn't spawn and grab one instantly.
10. Infinite deathmatch/free for all - Probbly will never happen but would be fun. Basicly you would have infinite ammo and sprint but to be fair I think that the xp gained from this gametype to be lowered.

11. Juggernaut - one person would be the juggernaut and would gain points per kill and would be teamed up on by alol other players, the one who killed him/her would be the new one and so on and so forth(got the idea from "Halo 3" gametype juggernaut so it could only happen under a different name).
12. Team Juggernaut - one person per team would be randomly selected juggernaut and when died anouther person who is randomly selected on the same team would be the new juggernaut. This would function as team death match with the addiction of juggernauts.

Thats all I got to say but please post what playlists you would want or changes you would make and if you want comment on my ideas.

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