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Mw2 Tips (Free-For-All)

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Mw2 Tips (Free-For-All)

Post by II_HugxMyxKnife_II on Thu Apr 22, 2010 2:13 pm

One of the first and firmost thing u gtta relize in FFA is that you need to go unseen and move around

1) Relize the motive- When you play FFA the point is to kill as many people as possible and not die as much. With this i suggest Cold-Blooded. In FFA people get killstreaks quickly and most of the time they would get UAV, sentry, or air support. This will allow you to go unoticed. Also ninja, lightweight, marathon, or a UMP45. The reason iSay ump is because it already has high damage therefor u wont need lightweight or stopping power leaving you with Cold-Blooded.

2) Move Around- Whenever you kill someone the other person will more than likley look @ the killcam. So with this you should be able to move around and chose a completly new spot, or try to pick off the person if they try and come @ you again.

3) Strategy- You must know how YOU play Modern Warfare 2. If you get killed alot, chose a gun with higher damage, move faster, or try and pretend if you were the shooter what you wouldnt want your defendent to do. Such as if you hate it when someone goes prone or jumps when you shoot DO IT TO THEM. Try and pick people off and kill them before they reach their spot and kill you.

4) Be smart with positions- Try to go to a place that everyone walks by but does not notice. Also be smart on when to camp and when not to. Yes it is a time when your are not suppose to not camp. If you see that one guy is leading the game in kill, try and move around and find kills. iHave noticed that when i dont camp, iAlways end up with more kills.

5) Dying- Don't be afraid to die. It will happen in FFA, so run around and try to maintain a good K/D ratio. Most good players will always get more kills then deaths, and more than likley they are the ones that run around and not set to one spot in the map.


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Re: Mw2 Tips (Free-For-All)

Post by GoD_GraveDancer on Fri Apr 23, 2010 7:38 am

I dont bother with CB unless there are boosters. Even if there are UAV in the air, its only for 1-2 people and that doesnt bother me. I save my CB classes for SnD.



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